Wednesday, May 23, 2012

renegade love { 2.of.2 }

The Renegade craft fair in Austin this past weekend was FABULOUS! I had so much fun selling jewelry, meeting customers & getting to know some really wonderful artists. I love craft fairs cause I love HANDMADE goods! So I just couldn't resist some of the products the very talented artists are selling. Low & behold I came home feeling like Christmas day, you'll see why....

Let me tell you, I love prints! I love to fill my work space with things that inspire me. And Satchel & Sage create pieces that are right up my inspiration ally! The designers are Gerren & Morgana, an incredibly talented husband & wife duo making illustrations & typography. I simply love their work & I am really excited to put these three pieces in my workspace! 

I was really so excited to meet Jessica & William of Son of Sailor this weekend. They are both incredibly wonderful & talented & I'm not gonna lie, I've been ogling over their jewelry for a while now. Not to mention I really admire them for their success in the handmade community. They are both very down to earth too, I could spend all day with them :) But since I can't, I will be spending all day with their necklace. I have fallen in love with this piece and I just can't stop wearing it {the ship seemed like an appropriate touch to this photo!}

The gals of Little Minnow are simply lovely! These adorable sisters, Lizzi & Mary, are so sweet & make some really incredible screen printed goods, including this adorable scarf I brought home. Along with scarves, they also make some fantastic block prints & screen printed shirts...did I mention this is all done in house by the ladies! So talented! Be sure to check out their cute blog too! 

Oh Little Low, how I do fancy thee. The lovely Caitlin is the designer behind Little Low & also Feb10 Designs! This gal is talented, as you can see from these amazing prints! I was really excited to meet Caitlin & find her Wild & Free print because as many of you know, the Mossy Fox's 'logo' is "all good things are wild & free" a quote by Henry Thoreau. Because of this I feel an extra connection to Caitlin, her style, & was meant to be :) 
I am always so impressed by jewelry artists who use metal in their work, especially when it involves casting & stamping...probably because it intimidates me ;) So when Stevie, the sweet gal behind tru.che, came to my booth & introduced herself, I knew I had to check out here jewelry. I did and I had to have these earrings and necklace! Much like Stevie, these pieces are adorable! So simple, stylish & everything I love in jewelry. You can check out her Etsy shop, here. Or her website, here.

Right across the way from me was Rechal of Poppy & Fern. Not only was her set up freaking adorable but her embroidered jewelry & art are truly lovely & beautiful. Not only is Rechal incredibly talented but her and her husband, Joshua, are such wonderful people! Kyle & I had a lot of fun chatting with them both! And I'm excited to wear this lovely detailed stitched owl necklace. Are you jealous?? :)

I have been eyeing this Rachel Elise bag for a while now, first on Etsy, then at the Dallas Handmade Bash & again at Renegade Austin...and thanks to a little trading of goods, I now get to enjoy it everyday! The designer/maker of this bag and the many more amazing purses & wears is Rachel, a wonderful gal who I really enjoyed getting to know this weekend. Her style is similar to the Mossy Fox but in the form of purses. I LOVE IT! Rachel is so sweet & genuine, & not to mention very talented with her designs & sewing. You can also check out her website, here.

{hopefully you're still with me, this post seems long but the length is needed & is well worth it }

Not far from our booth at Renegade, was ello lovely. The maker of ello lovely, Rhianna, is a very talented illustrator & designer. And I love love love her work! This gal is so wonderfully fun & is creating fantastic pieces, like this fox print I picked up. It seems rather fitting :) Be sure to check out Rhianna's etsy shop, here & her lovely blog, here

 The last thing I picked up right before the Renegade doors closed for the weekend, were these two little ceramic bowls from Amanda Barr Ceramics. I love her handmade ceramics, they are so fun! The mustache is for my husband, Kyle & the fox is for myself....which holds my new jewelry rather nicely. 

I also was really excited to meet Danni of oh, hello friend. Danni is a creative blogger/jewelry maker. Like many at Renegade, she is incredibly sweet & down to earth. I love this girl's blog & her adorable & stylish jewelry!

Lisa Chow is one of my very favorite artists...EVER. Last fall when I went to Renegade as a shopper, Kyle & I picked up one of her incredibly details, whimsical & fun prints. This girl is talented! She is completely self taught and is inspire by whim....which is my favorite kind of inspiration :) Her new collection is just extra whimsical & quirky, playing off of Alice in Wonder Land, & I want every piece! Check out her work on her website & her etsy shop. Oh & stop by her blog, which I love. 

I also was so happy to meet miss Jessica, the blogger/crafter/photographer/cutie of onetwothreepeaceful. If you haven't heard of Jessica or her blog, CHECK HER OUT! She is a fantastically fun blogger & has some incredible style!
And I think I can for sure say that her business card is my favorite.

I can't get over how creative these gals & guys are, it shows even in their business cards...

I hope you enjoyed this peak into the Austin Renegade & some goods from some fantastic artists. 


  1. Thanks so much Cassie for including me in your Renegade post! It was wonderful meeting you and seeing your lovely jewelry! I agree with you, everyone was so down to earth and had an abundance of talent to offer. Handmade ROCKS! I also have to say...Jessica with Onetwothreepeaceful had my favorite business card too :)

  2. GIRL! I'm completely honored and flattered that you included little ol' me in this post! That's so incredibly sweet of you! And thank you Rhianna for the business card compliment (: Even though I wasn't a seller at Renegade, I felt really involved as a buyer, getting to meet and interact with such talented vendors. You guys are the greatest! Can't wait til the next fair (:

  3. Cassie, you did an awesome wrap up of the show! I wore one of your necklaces yesterday and thought of you - you are an uber talented individual : ) Thanks so much for the mention, I hope the prints work out well in your studio! Hope to run into you again very soon!!