hello and thanks for visiting my blog! i am a 25 year old wife, friend, sister, daughter and avid coffee & tea drinker, living in cottonwood arizona. i am married to an amazing man, kyle, who is incredibly supportive in my creative adventures!

this blog is to share the mossy fox, my little handmade jewelry shop, with you but to also share some of the things i love and that inspire me and also a little bit of fashion. my hope is to bring your life some joy and inspiration. of my many reasons for living and enjoying life, i love handmade and love to make things, really anything, but mostly jewelry!

molly, our little baby daschund puppy. she is amazing and brings a lot of happiness to our lives
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The Mossy Fox

the mossy fox is my creative outlet where i spend the majority of my days – designing and making jewelry that inspires me. i love jewelry, if you know me, i wear 5 – 7 rings between my 10 fingers and always have a bracelet and a necklace on (my infatuation with all the rings comes from my dear friend jesi p). a little bit of what you'll find in the mossy fox shop are vibrant colors and unique pattern combinations. and because i love so many different styles of jewelry, i have three very different styles that i currently design…

with each piece i design and make by hand, my hope is that it brings a little joy to someone else's life.
you can check out the shop here www.themossyfox.etsy.com
thanks for stopping by, make yourself at home!

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the best day of my life was the day i married this fantastic man
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