Tuesday, May 22, 2012

renegade love { 1.of.2 }

FINALLY a blog post! It's been a long while since I've really blogged, life has been quite crazy! A quick rewind of the last month....two trips to New Orleans, made a big decision to move to Arizona, was a vendor at the Dallas Handmade Bash and the Austin Renegade....and now it's time to fill a wholesale order, get new products on etsy, pack up my house in the next three days & go on a quick road trip with my dear friend Helen of Cloth & Ink

Wow it makes my head spin just thinking about it all! So yes we are moving in about a week, from Santa Fe, Texas to Cottonwood, Arizona. I am super excited to move but incredibly sad. I'll post more about this big move soon!

This last weekend The Mossy Fox was at Austin Renegade and let me tell you, it was a BLAST! There are so many things I love about markets, it's hard to decide what my favorite is...selling my goods, meeting customers, getting to know other artists or trading goods with those artists. I just loved the entire experience. It's also a time I cherish because after endless hours of designing & making jewelry, I get to see my pieces being purchased & taken home with someone who loves them as much as I do! It is so rewarding and I really need that interaction with other people after being cooped up in my little home studio. 

There were so many incredible artists at the Austin Renegade this year, from art, to textile, to jewelry, to sewn goods. And all these goods were handmade. I FREAKING LOVE IT! The folks I was so blessed to meet were so genuine & wonderful, & if you ever get the chance to go check out Renegade, GO cause it's pretty fantastic. Ok...enough of the positive ranting, I wanted to post some photos of this weekend at Renegade! 

>>>  the mossy fox booth  <<<
this is me...i have a really hard time wearing shoes at markets, i just love being barefoot - which means dirty feet :( 
the booth. i have some changes to make but it's an ever evolving process
Kyle & I started making headbands & they sold really well!
bohemian fox collection >> i love love love wearing funky rocks!
this little garage sale find helped me keep my sale bags all neat & tighty (and i couldn't get enough of that coffee)
lacy tree collection >> found their way onto some lovely necks this weekend
>>>  some of my favorite artists  <<<
(these are just a few of my favorites...my camera sadly didn't get enough use during the show)


  1. Your booth looks so good Cassie! I wish I could do something like this, it looks like so much fun!

  2. Thanks Aubrey! I always end up changing it each time I set up....never satisfied :)
    You should totally get involved in Renegade! It's really an amazing experience, not only with selling but with the artists you meet. I don't think I ever want to leave the handmade community. The people are amazing.

  3. I seriously wish I could! I'm just loving all your pictures! Is there such a thing as a handmade wedding fair?